Touchstones and Cornerstones

The REAch2 Cornerstone

REAch2 is the Cornerstone of the entire Trust: providing a strong, responsible foundation from which every academy develops and grows. A cornerstone provides a subtle yet paramount role in a building and ensures that REAch2 is a trustworthy, reliable and inspirational organisation, delivering the best possible learning experience.

REAch2 Academy Trust

REAch2 Touchstones

As a Trust we are committed to creating a culture that strongly reflects our Touchstones: seven principles which make our academies unique. Just as 500 years ago touchstones were used to test the quality of the gold they marked, so too our Touchstones find what is precious and set these things apart. They are used to express the values and ethos of the Trust and describe perfectly what we are known for and how we operate.


We acknowledge and celebrate that all people are different and can play a role in the REAch2 family whatever their background or learning style


Children and adults will flourish in their learning and through learning discover a future that is worth pursuing


REAch2 aspires for high quality leadership by seeking out talent, developing potential and spotting the “possible” in people as well as the “actual”

REAch 2 Touchstones and Cornerstones


We recognise that we lead by example and if we want children to grow up to behave appropriately and with integrity then we must model this behaviour


Providing learning that is relevant, motivating and engaging releases a child’s curiosity and fun, so that a task can be tackled and their goals achieved


We act judiciously with sensitivity and care. We don’t make excuses, but mindfully answer for actions and continually seek to make improvements


Inspiration breathes life into our schools. Introducing children to influential experiences of people and place, motivates them to live their lives to the full

REAch2 Values

These are challenging times, and for our children we believe that their first school experience is the start of a very important journey, which should enable them to broaden their horizons, be confident in their abilities and help shape their future lives. Our primary focus is to ensure that all our pupils are provided with the right educational environment which not only inspires them to embrace learning and develop creativity – but also to have fun, make friends, respect individuality and ultimately to reach their full potential.

Responsibility and Leadership

REAch2 is committed to leading by example and lives by its unswerving commitment to integrity, transparency and excellence.

Setting this example to children will enable them to flourish and get the most from the school experience, as this is key to their success we will always be accountable, we will never make excuses, and will openly answer for all our actions. The Trust proactively engages with our parents and the local communities and is continually seeking ways to improve and enhance our education and support service capabilities.


Inspirational people create positive energy and generate enthusiasm within our schools. They help to develop individuality and creative thinking. In turn our children will be inspired to believe that no mountain is too high to conquer and that nothing is impossible to achieve.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone is highly motivated and engaged by their experience with us, be it a pupil, staff member, parent or a community volunteer, and to enrich their lives through their association with the REAch2 Trust.

Learning & Enjoyment

We believe that learning and fun go hand in hand. By providing a stimulating environment that delivers this belief, our children are inspired to learn – and through learning discover a future that is worth pursuing.

Every day our children and staff are working hard to deliver achievements that we can all celebrate and be proud of. We recognise that every child – whilst needing to be well-prepared academically – is an individual. Each child has their own unique interests and aspirations which we seek to encourage and develop at every turn.

We also recognise that the adults working within our academies have their own professional development goals, which, as a learning organisation, we are committed to support. We want everyone in REAch2 to embrace a love of learning and live their lives to the full.

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