Celebrating Staffordshire – Saturday 17th May 2014
‘Celebrating Staffordshire’ saw a coming together of three new REAch2 academy communities to celebrate their pupils as the future pioneers of business and society in Staffordshire and the formation, with Scientia Academy, of the new REAch2 Staffordshire Academy Trust.
The teams from Heath Hayes, Norton Canes and Springhill primary academies showed true signs of the power of teamwork and family. The superb, professional way in which they joined together to put on a fun-packed, activity-filled day for the children, gave a glimpse of the huge promise the future holds for this new team.
In addition to a fabulous range of activities for the children to enjoy, from traditional stalls like the coconut shy to being enthralled by the national story-telling winner, the day showcased many of the pupils’ talents, including show-stopping steel pan band, choir and dance performances, celebration cake bake-offs and sports competitions. The event felt truly blessed, not just by the fantastic weather but by the genuine warmth of a new team of superb REAch2 professionals. It was a day the children and their families will long remember.