Dover Road Academy features on Newsnight

Staff & Pupils at Dover Road Academy featured on Newsnight on 11th December. The Trust was approached by Newsnight as they were keen to visit a school where improvements are currently being led by teachers and leaders, with the support of an Academy Trust such as ours.

The children on Dover Road’s school council made excellent contributions to the programme, discussing a range of issues including behaviour and their own learning. Cath Ward, Principal at Dover Road, talked about the improvements in behaviour and respect at the school. Parents told the programme how they were seeing positive changes in their children’s behaviour and learning and the culture at the school.

Steve Lancashire was also interviewed about the role of REAch2 and its growth, saying: ”(As a Trust) we are about cautious growth. The questions we always ask ourselves is can we help that individual school, do we understand the challenges, and do we have the capacity and expertise to make a difference.”

The feature provided excellent recognition for what is being achieved at Dover Road and the wider work taking place across our family of schools.