Gender Pay Gap Report

REAch2’s actions to close the gender pay gap

This is the second year of Gender Pay Gap reporting for the Trust and we have seen a slight increase in line with many employers in the education sector and other multi academy trusts.

Whilst the pay gap may be a sector challenge, REAch2 is not complacent and we are taking actions to reduce the difference where we can, using the data available to target our actions in order to provide a level playing field, treat everyone fairly and to benefit from 100 percent of the talent pool. We recognise that evidence-based design of hiring practices, promotion procedures and reward will help REAch2 to do the right thing and the smart thing.

  • We continue to engage with key stakeholders and unions, to review options, developing and rolling out progressive policies.
  • We use skill-based assessment tasks in recruitment, with standardised tasks and scoring to ensure fairness across candidates, as well as structured interviews to minimise unfair bias.
  • We embrace workplace flexibility at all levels of the organisation, including part time working and job sharing.
  • We offer networking and collaboration opportunities across different groups such as head teachers, deputy head teachers and school business managers.
  • We ensure fair access to development opportunities, with the aim of giving every employee an active professional development plan and talent management pathways.

REAch2 Gender Pay Gap

This report is based on relevant data at 31 March 2018 covering all schools and centrally based staff. Whilst we continue to report a gender pay gap, this is seen to be moving positively in some of the areas we are monitoring, whereas other dynamics have been affected by the change in staffing numbers through the growth of schools and the transfers of employees in schools new to the Trust. However, we remain confident that all our staff are paid appropriately and within specified pay ranges and that the steps we are taking will continue to impact beneficially over time.

We are proud to be a Real Living Wage employer, which continues to benefit many of our employees.

Our gender pay gap is as follows (last year’s figures shown in brackets):

The Trust overall continues to have a higher proportion of men in higher paid roles and women in lower paid roles. The vast majority of employees in lower paid roles such as cleaning, catering, midday supervisors, teaching support, and administration, are women.  Additionally, the greatest proportion of these are paid during term time only. Whereas many in the higher paid roles, both men and women, such as head teachers, leadership, teachers, central support teams, are paid all year round.

The proportion of males to females in each pay band from lowest (Q4) to highest (Q1) by hourly rate are shown below. Overall, women make up 88.33% of the workforce and are employed in the greater proportion of the part time / term time roles. REAch2 does not have significant amounts of over-time working; work is generally undertaken Monday to Friday.

Although much has changed since REAch2 began, we remain true to our values. REAch2 started in 2012 in one primary school with 600 children and around 120 staff. Today, we are the largest primary only multi-academy Trust, with 60 schools, 20,000 children and 4,500 staff. REAch2 is committed to raising standards and achieving excellence for all pupils, whatever their background or circumstance.

Schools, staff and children benefit from a strong ethos of support and collaboration across the REAch2 family. Teachers belong to a national community of professionals and benefit from a wide range of networks and development opportunities. Everything we do in the Trust is driven by the following goals: truly exceptional performance; distinctive contribution and enduring impact.

Sir Steve Lancashire, CEO