Gender Pay Gap Report

The REAch2 Multi Academy Trust originated from successful school improvement and partnership work in Waltham Forest, London in 2012. Since then the Trust has grown to become a national family of primary-only academies committed to raising standards and achieving excellence for all pupils, whatever their background or circumstance. Our 55 academies are across 19 Local Authorities in England and stretch across 4 defined regions: the South, London and South East, East Anglia and the Midlands.

Academies, staff and children benefit from a strong ethos of support and collaboration across the REAch2 family, based on a solid, unshakeable foundation defined by exceptional teaching and shared ‘touchstone’ values of learning, leadership, enjoyment, inspiration, responsibility and integrity.

This Gender Pay Gap Report is based on the relevant data at 31st March 2017 covering all schools and centrally based staff. Whilst we are shown to have a gap, it is in line with the education sector as a whole and we are confident that all our staff are paid appropriately and against national pay ranges. We are proud to be a National Living Wage employer.

Our Gender Pay Gap is:

The proportion of males and females in each quartile pay band ordered lowest to highest (Q4 to Q1) are as follows:

Our gap is in line with many employers in the Education Sector and other multi academy trusts (MATS).

Women make up 90.3% of the workforce and are well represented at all levels within our Trust.

We are a National Living Wage employer which already benefits many of our employees.

REAch2 is proud to offer opportunities to males and females at all levels of the organisation and we will continue to engage with key stakeholders and unions, to review options and develop progressive policies.

Our Employee Value Proposition will consider the Gender Pay Gap in greater detail.

REAch2 is not complacent. We recognise that the Gender Pay Gap is a sector challenge and we aim to take actions to address the differences where we can.

Sir Steve Lancashire, CEO