For admissions arrangements for our schools in the current school year (2018/19) or next school year where places are currently being offered/agreed (2019/120) or for the following year (2020/21) where the intended admissions policy has been ‘determined’, please see the relevant school’s website – you may wish to use our ‘school directory’ to find their website.

2018/19 was the first year for which the admissions policy was set on a Trust-wide basis and this applied to all schools that were open with us as at December 2016.  This followed a public consultation on the proposed policy from 5 December 2016 to 31 January 2017.  Our Trustees ‘determined’ the final policy after consideration of feedback received during the consultation period.  Schools who have joined since that date or new schools which have opened have also adopted the same policy.  The policy is ‘determined’ by our LGBs on an annual basis and will be reviewed in our policy review cycle for admissions in 2021/22 by the Trustees.

The aim of the Trust-wide approach from September 2018 onwards was to ensure all our academies have simple, consistent admissions arrangements that

  • focus on serving the local community
  • reflect our vision and values and
  • are as easy as possible for parents/carers of potential pupils to understand.


The following templates provide the outline of our current policy (including variations for our junior schools or other primary schools with a linked infant school) and give indications where the detail depends on which Local Authority the school is located in:

Template for schools with Reception intakes

Template for junior schools / schools with Year 3 intakes

The complete policy for an individual school can be found on that school’s website (see above link to our school directory) and may include some minor variation from these templates generally to reflect local arrangements/practice.

The above templates and the completed policies for individual schools are based on the Department for Education’s admissions policy template (available here) which is mandatory for free schools but also available to any other admissions authorities to use.  Our admissions policy and practice is fully compliant with the national admissions code available here.