My school life

Hi my name is Aimen Ahmed, I’m 11 and I’m going to be taking you through my school life. It’s going to be about what I do in school and how it is for me. I’m also going to be taking you through what the school is like and how it’s changed over the years. I’m going to be taking you through Purfleet Primary Academy.

School environments

I’m in year six and we have SATS coming up so all of us have to be ready for it. The school is an amazing school and has lots of great learning tools to help children reach their full potential. I am getting better at Literacy and starting to understand maths. We have two huge sports areas which we call M.U.G.A’S (multi use games area) and we play lots of fantastic sports on them.

How the school has grown

I’ve been in this school for seven years and I have seen how it’s changed over the years. We only had a small learning space and we were all getting squished in tiny rooms, but our amazing head teacher, Mrs Mabey, came and she built another part of the school called ‘the west wing’ and we have more space to learn and have more wonderful places to expand our brain.

Sports activities

The sporting activities are amazing and the sporting coaches who are, Mr Buckfield and Mr Kent, are the most experienced coaches ever. They help with all of the children around the school and gives them great sporting opportunities. They have helped so many children and are still helping children to this day.

School Staff

The school has fantastic members of staff and they have been here for over two years and some over that! They are really good at their job and that’s what makes them part of the Purfleet team. They help out with everybody and try and get people to their highest point and over!


The learning in this school is at its expected standard and it’s so good that we even rated as ’a good school’ by Ofsted. The places we learn in are fantastic and they have truly helped children focus on their learning and help them improve on their work.

How I feel about the school

I think that the school is a great place, for pupils and it is an amazing place for children to learn and make their IQ expand. I have seen the school evolve into what it is today. I think this school is a great opportunity for people of all ages to learn.

Interviewing the pupils and teachers


I think Purfleet Primary Academy is the best school in the world, because we have the best teachers in year 6. From Leon.


It’s a great school. All the school’s facilities are amazing and helps with our sporting abilities and are expanding our education. All of the teachers in the school are fantastic at their jobs and respectful to our learning. Mr Kent and Mr Buckfield do an excellent job at helping us with our sporting opportunities. From Benjamin


I think it’s a good school because it has lots of sports and I love sports because I’m good at them, especially football. From Francie.


I think it’s a good school because it helps people learn and gives people great sports opportunities and it’s even better now we’ve got the MUGAS and the new hall. I also like football. From Lucas.


This school is amazing because when we were doing our school play at the very last song we get to scream our heads off. My favourite lesson is maths. Scott signing out.

Mrs Howard

A good learning environment for the children, I know my daughter feels safe and secure here. I think the staff here are dedicated to the children.  The school has changed a lot over the past 17 years, I’ve been coming here. In the last few years the school has made a huge improvement and I hope it continues to do so. From Mrs Howard aka in squirrels as a teacher assistant.


It has been great for me because in year 3 I wasn’t too confident in sport but now the school has boosted my abilities and now I go to a lot of clubs and I am great at sports. From Sonny.


I think it’s a unique school for its modern and new buildings bring it to life (literally, like Frankenstein!). The schools equipment show that the teachers really want us to have the best experience with sports. My opinion is the school will only get better improving our standards as a school. From Kassidy.

I hope you have had a good time reading my blog. You will be sure getting more in the future.

Aimen signing out.