Veritas Primary Academy Consultation

Following the ongoing development of the Veritas Primary Academy in Stafford, REAch2 are carrying out a consultation asking all stakeholders of the local community whether they are happy for REAch2 Academy Trust to enter into a funding agreement with the Secretary of State for the establishment of the new primary academy.

The consultation closing date is Friday 12th June 2015.


Staffordshire County Council has a statutory duty to ensure the sufficient supply of good quality school places and to promote school diversity.

In order to meet the growing demand for primary school places in the north of Stafford the county council sought expressions of interest to sponsor a new 420-place primary school to meet the needs of a growing community in north Stafford which includes the transfer of around 450 army families into the area. The school will also include a 52 place nursery.

The increase in school age population as a result of the relocation of the army families and the new homes built in one area will also mean some existing primary schools will have to be enlarged.  Veritas Academy will not be solely a ‘forces school’, but will serve the needs of the whole community.

Veritas Academy is due to open in September 2015 with 60 places available in each year group Reception to Year 6.  The application process opens on 3rd November 2014 and parents have until 15 January 2015 to make their application, with places offered on 16 April 2015.

REAch2 is now consulting on the question of whether to enter into a funding agreement with the Secretary of State for the establishment of the school.

The New School

Location: The academy will be located on Weston Road; the location is the current Staffordshire University’s Nelson’s Library.

Planned opening date: September 2015

Age range: This will be a mixed academy for children aged 4-11 years. The nursery at Veritas Academy will be for children aged 3-4 years.

Admission arrangements: The admission number for reception aged children would ultimately be 60. Further information regarding admission arrangements can be found on the Veritas Academy website:


About REAch2

Founded in 2012, REAch2 Academy Trust is the largest primary-only academy trust in the country, and currently supports 35 primary academies across England. These are challenging times, and for our children we believe that their first school experience is the start of a very important journey, which should enable them to broaden their horizons, be confident in their abilities and help shape their future lives. Our primary focus is to ensure that all our pupils are provided with the right educational environment which not only inspires them to embrace learning and develop creativity – but also to have fun, make friends, respect individuality and ultimately to reach their full potential.

Vision and Educational Experience:

Our vision is to ensure outstanding educational provision for pupils, together with enhanced community facilities for the benefit of pupils, parents and others within the local area.


Strategic visions:


REAch2 Academy Trust is developing a family of convertor and sponsored primary academies based on the following principles:


* Securing a high quality, shared identity and vision that delivers, and is synonymous with, success

* Establishing ownership of that shared identity and vision within each individual school

* Establishing consistency across each school

* Securing agreement in each school as to what will be common to all our schools, leaving flexibility to respond to context specific factors

* Establishing clear performance measures and accepted procedures for ensuring outstanding provision


Our four key drivers are:


* Absolute focus on the key levers for improvement

* Clear and simple accountability

* Transparent and honest feedback

* Autonomy of each school


Educational Aims:

Veritas Primary Academy will be a two form entry school from Reception up to Year 6 which means we will have 420 children on roll in mainstream education and will also offer a Nursery provision on the school site. We will be a child-centred school where all stakeholders in the school community are encouraged to take an active part in school life. We will offer extended provision which means that we will take children from 8am for Breakfast Club right up until 5.45pm at the end of After-School Club. We will also foster close links with surrounding schools aiming to share resources, facilities and expertise to ensure the best teaching and learning possible occurs at Veritas. We will look to hire the best staff possible and we will employ a model of hiring the services of the best consultants in areas such as Special Educational Needs, Speech & Language, ICT and Sport to help ensure our provision is of the highest standard.

The REAch2 philosophy is clear – a cornerstone of exceptional teaching experiences with shared values of learning, leadership, enjoyment, inclusion, inspiration, responsibility and integrity. As a result of this ethos we see high achievement across all of our schools and are one of the best performing trusts in the country. We seek to achieve this in every REAch2 school, children only get one chance at their education – we have to ensure that it is the best chance possible.

The most recent academy within the trust to undergo an Ofsted inspection was the Trust’s founding school – Hillyfield Primary Academy. The academy was judged to be outstanding, the full Ofsted report can be found at:

How can I find out more?

If you would like to find more about Veritas Primary Academy, please contact Yateen Bhoola (Executive Headteacher)

How can I respond to this consultation?

If you have any questions or comments, please put these in writing by post or email to the following address.

Veritas Primary Academy
C/O Scientia Academy
Mona Road
Burton on Trent
DE13 0UF


All correspondence should be marked “Response to the Veritas Primary Academy Consultation.”

3D images of proposed build

Veritas Plans