Financial Statements

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REAch2 - Trustees' Report and Audited Accounts for the Year Ending 31 August 2019

REAch2 Academy Trust 2017-2018

REAch2 Academy Trust Accounts 2016-2017
REAch2 Academy Trust Accounts 2015-2016
Reach2 Croydon Academy Trust Reach2 Essex Academy Trust Reach2 Hertfordshire Academy Trust Reach2 Kent Academy Trust Reach2 Maritime Academy Trust Reach2 Staffordshire Academy Trust Reach2 Sussex Academy Trust Reach2 Thames Valley Academy Trust Reach2 Waltham Forest Academy Trust Reach2 Warwickshire Academy Trust
REAch2 Croydon REAch2 Essex REAch2 Hertfordshire REAch2 Kent REAch2 Maritime REAch2 Staffordshire REAch2 Sussex REAch2 Thames Valley REAch2 Waltham Forest REAch2 Warwickshire
REAch2 Croydon VFM Statement REAch2 Essex VFM Statement REAch2 Hertfordshire VFM Statement REAch2 Kent VFM Statement REAch2 Maritime VFM Statement REAch2 Staffordshire VFM Statement REAch2 Sussex VFM Statement REAch2 Thames Valley VFM Statement REAch2 Waltham Forest VFM Statement REAch2 Warwickshire VFM Statement