Steve Lancashire writes for TES about the benefits of joining an academy trust

‘Schools can and should choose their family – join an academy trust’

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Many people think there is something sinister about ‘academisation’, but by joining an academy trust schools will see many benefits – and they will retain their individuality, says the chief executive of one such trust

Sometimes, a number of seemingly disparate issues and challenges come together to form not a perfect storm, but an alignment of the stars.

Take for instance some of the main headlines in TES over recent weeks: the government’s position that all schools are to become academies by 2020; schools’ preparedness to navigate the turbulent waters of budgetary pressures; struggling with the entrenched issue of teacher recruitment and how we can get the best in our profession into the parts of the country that need the most support; and Ofsted’s latest pronouncements on the increasingly entrenched North/South divide.

So what’s the solution?


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